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****************************************************************************************************************************************** Your vehicle must be equipped with an activated Mopar Connect system to use this application.

******************************************************************************************************************************************Basically it is a remote control for your car! Mopar Connect powered by Autonet Mobile proudly brings you the remote control for your vehicle.

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Hey everyone if you did not pay for the Mopar Connect Service plan this app will not work for you! That's why there's no sign up only login and forgot password and a help button.

Your vehicle must be equipped with a special receiver and hardware to use this app.

I understand you can select forgot password and try to sign in but if you do not have a paid service plan you will never be able to login.

Do you guys actually think You can turn on your vehicle unlock doors and stuff from your i Phone without a special receiver installed? Think how easy it would be to hack an app and start someone else's vehicle then.

So to end my rant know what you are doing before rating an app poorly for no reason other than your own ignorance!

This app requires a compatible vehicle, if your vehicle did not come from the factory with this option, you can add it to the vehicle by installing a module, then updating your vehicle option codes at a dealer.Go to the parts department of your local Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep dealer for more details.If this app will not let you login it is probably the wrong mopar connected app for your vehicle. I had to install the uconnect access app instead that is by the same company FCA.Updating your i OS application really is a necessity as there will be bugs that you want to fix along with features that you want to add to make your application all it can be!The following lesson explains how to set up a new i Tunes connect entry, which will allow you to upload an updated i OS standalone via the Application Loader The My Apps section of i Tunes connect contains any applications that you have on the i OS store.Select the app which you would like to create an update for.

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