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It is a scholarly and forensic account of what has happened to the Shroud in the last 60 years.

The second part of the book is an extended personal riff on what he thinks the Shroud may be intended for. The official film for both 20 Shroud Expositions in Turin is exclusively available to download here for £5.99.

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James phelps dating

He has been married to Annika Ostle since July 23, 2016.

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Whole generations have grown up knowing little of the Shroud of Turin and its remarkable image.

I hope this film can go some way to put right the manifest injustice that cast it into obscurity and others may now have chance to contemplate the genuine mystery it represents and the questions it asks.

If this new film’s subtitle: seems incongruous please bear in mind that the principal intended audience for the film is the generation that has embraced the “selfie” as a visual expression of who, what and where they are.

Exactly who and what the person on the Shroud is may surprise us all. ” Please join this campaign - @The Shroud Affair - initiated Easter 2016 - to “resurrect” the Shroud of Turin to its rightful place as a unique artifact that deserves to be studied and understood. "This film’s makers and contributors wish to make clear that they make no criticisms of the validity of C14 dating in general or of the integrity of the labs involved: Arizona, Oxford and Zurich.

James Phelps, better known to some as Fred Weasley from the Harry Potter films, was kind enough to lend us his voice as narrator for “A Grave Injustice”. Until those who dismiss it can replicate it or give us an explanation it must have the benefit of our doubt and remain worthy of serious study and respect for what it may represent. They simply and respectfully request each lab to acknowledge that, in view of the abandonment of the agreed protocols, and in the face of the lack of other evidence to support it, they recognise the potential of error in applying the date of the single sample area to the entire cloth." Emanuela Marinelli has produced a blow-by-blow account of all the interactions and developments as the ill-fated C14 test preparations evolved over several years.

Like many of his generation he knew little about the Shroud of Turin and - in a world of great fantasies - he was delighted to find such a powerful and unsolved mystery the cloth represents in real life. ” Was his reaction to seeing the film for the first time. The first two pages - the abstract - are in Italian but the story is then told in English.

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