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If you are on the political circuit in South Florida, chances are you have seen or heard of Jason King.

This young, dark haired and well groomed gay man can captivate an audience with his words – whether on a panel discussion, from a podium or in a group of friends. “I have always had an interest in an altruistic line of work,” said King, who moved to South Florida from Los Angeles in 2010.

His energy abounds and he channels this passion into dedication to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

In his current role, King coordinates local, statewide and multi-state advocacy efforts around HIV/AIDS policy while maintaining relations with government officials.

In South Florida, King serves on the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Community Advisory Board and sits on the Board of Directors for the World AIDS Museum in Wilton Manors.

He is open about his HIV status and has been positive for 10 years.

Away from public policy, King, a bachelor, is a classically trained pianist and Eagle Scout, who enjoys traveling, wine tasting and opera.

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