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And the winner for best throwback photo goes to…Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar shared one very special pic from their past on Facebook earlier today, and it's safe to say these two haven't changed one bit! I am very blessed to be married to my wife who every day exemplifies Proverbs 31! And once you get past the lovely message from Jim Bob to his better half, let's take a real good gander at the adorable shot.

"This #TBT goes back a few years," the proud star of shared. In it, a young Michelle is shown dressed in a pretty white floor-length dress, complete with a pearl necklace and—wait a minute—quite possibly the exact same hairstyle that she sports today! Meanwhile, Jim Bob stood proudly next to her in a black suit and smiled at the camera, albeit nervously. The reality family has long documented their religious beliefs—which include courting before marriage—and Michelle recently took to the family blog to explain exactly what that entails."Some of the quick rules of courtship in the Duggar house would be no kissing or hand-holding, always chaperoned when on a date and really, hands off," she shared."For the most part, they're not physically getting to know each other, they're just trying to focus on the spiritual and emotional aspects of their relationship."And based on Michelle and Jim Bob's #TBT, everything went according to plan!

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are very much in love with each other that they speed up their courtship.

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Perhaps, the "19 Kids and Counting" parents sense this because Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar share relationship advice with the younger couple.

Jinger and her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar visit Jeremy Vuolo and his family.

When the lovebirds meet, Jeremy immediately put his arms around his fiancé in front of her dad, Perez Hilton reported.

US Weekly also reported that Jinger Duggar praises her fiance's "massive bed" which triggers her dad to remind her to slow down.

It seemed that Jim Bob and Michelle is determined to have Jinger take the slower phase by sharing some relationship advice.

In their family blog, the Duggars shared a few things that they told Jeremy and Jinger to nourish their relationship.Jim Bob and Michelle practice the advice they shared to the young lovers and according to them, it's the foundation that strengthens their relationship.Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar reminded Jinger and Jeremy to pray together and to practice weekly date nights.The lovers should also look for ways to praise, honor and cherish each other, including sending love notes.Most of all, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo should be committed to never put each other down.They should choose to stay together for better or worse and in sickness and in health.

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