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Your help with the listings would very much be appreciated, as I live in Toronto, Canada and do not have access to places like the New York Public Library or The Lincoln Centre Library for the Performing Arts.If you see errors, additions, duplications or anything pertinent to this listing, please drop me a line: This website was established on Link Opp May 15, 1999.As of May 15, 2013, we will celebrate our 14th year!!!

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As of September/13 the site is receiving over 10,000 visitors a month! The site is updated almost daily and requires a multitude of reference materials, as well as constant promotion worldwide.

If you wish to donate to the materials and maintenance of this site, your kindness would be most appreciated.

85,000 Herefordshire households have now started receiving Household Enquiry Forms to ensure the new Electoral Register, published in February 2017, is up to date.

The Register is used by companies and organisations for credit checks and to verify personal details required when people open bank accounts, seek credit and want to enter various kinds of contracts.

It is a legal requirement for households to respond to the form and update the information held.

It also helps ensure residents have the right to vote.

Colette Maund, Electoral Services Manager, said: This year weve tried to make it as easy as possible for people in Herefordshire to complete the form.

They can do this online, or by phone or text they can even use the post if none of the electronic methods are suitable.

But using the post costs the council more money both in postage and time.

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