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For instance, until recently scholars had confused Josquin Desprez with a singer also named Josquin, and that mistake led to the dating of Josquin Desprez’s birth to around 1440.Recent scholarship, however, has distinguished between the two individuals.

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There is also no certainty concerning Josquin’s birthplace, but several sources point to somewhere in the vicinity of the town of Saint-Quentin in Picardie, a region north of Paris.

Supporting this hypothesis is an historical account of the parish of Saint-Quentin, written in 1633, which indicates that Josquin had been a choirboy at that parish and was later in charge of the music.

It is also noteworthy that the area surrounding the modern day border between Belgium and France produced a remarkable number of great Renaissance composers, who were designated the Franco-Flemish school because of their common geographical origins.

In an era when music was generally performed a few times before being replaced by something newer, Josquin des Prez was a rarity: a composer who was remembered and honored long after his death.

Throughout the sixteenth century, his works were cited in theoretical treatises and extensively quoted in the music of other composers.

In 1538, seventeen years after Josquin died, Martin Luther extolled him as “the master of the notes, which must do as he wishes, while other composers must follow what the notes dictate.” Even in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Josquin’s music was not entirely forgotten, while the nineteenth century saw him acclaimed (alongside Palestrina) as one of the two greatest composers of the Renaissance.

Employment records, archives, and references to contemporary events in his tell us what little we know about Josquin Desprez.

And unfortunately, it is hard to be certain about many facts.

Josquin, like most musicians of his time, traveled extensively, leaving today’s scholars to discover the paths he took.

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