Kaleidoscope dating sim nummyz

Mina watched the train speed by and thanked the conductor silently.

Without the timely arrival of that train, Kiterin might have heard the heavy beating of her heart.

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A long nose, perfectly shaped long and dark brow, and enigmatic eyes of like marble blue. Thirteen cute little light brown dots lived on his beautiful face.

Kiterin stared out in front of him with a blank expression in his eyes.

Does he have the weight of the world on his shoulders?

Having known him for so many years, Mina wondered why he was still such an enigma.

Fantom—Go to the forest four or five times and pick the second option (“Your sadness intrigues me”) to be able to talk to him again.

When he disappears, you need to talk to Jenna enough times to make her your friend before asking her for a spell to free Fantom.

Keep on talking to him until he begins talking about spending time in parks and give him a gag gift.

Sleep until you have at least 60 HP, put on makeup, and date him.

Repeat enough times and you should get the magical ending.

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