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A reader wrote a little while back asking me for my take on dating while in law school. 2L year, I was purposefully single, starting to date late in my 2L year.

He's dating a 1L and wonders what it's like for her. 3L year I continued to date slightly more seriously, bungling one relationship, leaping into another and getting my comeuppance. They're overwhelmed in a new intellectual world, and for a lot of them, it is full of fear of the unknown.

My own law school dating experience was this: 1L year, a long-term, live-in relationship crumbled and disintegrated, ending at long last in July after 1L year.

So I didn't manage to date successfully in law school, but I'm not sure my status as a student had much to do with my failures. There is all this new material to absorb, a new language, a new way of thinking and writing.

Whatever it is they were good at before, it's not at all clear whether they'll be good at this new discipline.

And there will be an unknown exam of unknown difficulty coming up, and until then there's no real way to know whether they're on track.So there's a fair amount of self-absorbed anxiety that's part of being a 1L.It's a particularized form of confusion that probably isn't unique, but might believe itself to be.Meaning that some 1Ls may believe that the only people who can really understand what they're going through is other law students. That doesn't mean law students are miserable to date, or can only date other law students.The truth is, they have plenty of unstructured time, they have great freedom within the semester, and they need breaks, sanity, health, and time away from the law.It's actually a great practice for a 1L to explain the cases they're reading or the concepts they're working on to a non-lawyer.

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