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continue Any fan of Jane Austen knows to what degree music permeates the atmosphere of her books, making a recent announcement from the University of Southampton all the more exciting: the Austen Family Music Books collection, including works dating from Jane Austen's lifetime (1775-1817), has been...

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A new project has started that aims to prepare critical editions of important Ottoman music manuscripts from the nineteenth century.

The project Corpus Musicae Ottomanicae (CMO) began in October 2015 and their website was launched this March.

The project is based in Münster, Bonn, and Istanbul with...continue Today is Johann Erasmus Kindermann's 400th birthday!The son of a comb maker, Kindermann worked as a teacher and organist at various churches in Nuremberg, a city in which he stayed his whole life.He wanted to leave, however, as evidenced by many compositions he wrote as part of applications for...continue Efforts are currently underway to digitize music holdings from Christ Church Library, University of Oxford (GB-Och).This is part of a larger joint effort between Christ Church Library and the Bodleian Library (GB-Ob) to digitize important Western, Byzantine, music, Hebrew, and Arabic manuscripts...

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