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With hundreds of different patterns, many of them unnamed, identifying your Lenox dinnerware isn’t always an easy task.

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The dinnerware evolved from the art ceramics produced at a company founded in New Jersey by Walter Scott Lenox in 1889.

As home entertaining became trendy, the demand for fine dinnerware increased, and Lenox retooled his business to meet the market.

Today Lenox china patterns are as sought after by collectors as they are by heirs trying to complete an inherited set.

Lenox never strayed far from its art ceramics roots.

When the company began to manufacture complete dinner sets in 1902, it engaged noted designers to create distinctive and enduring patterns.

Lenox legendary designer Frank Holmes was responsible for a number of the patterns that won prestigious awards and were selected for display in museums worldwide.

Holmes designed Fountain in 1926, an explosion of vivid flowers and geometric Art Deco lines.

1939's Rhodora and 1940 Harvest featured simpler designs, with roses, wheat stalks and other humble natural motifs in tune with the lack of ornament in the Depression era.

From 1905 to 1954, Holmes' meticulous craftsmanship resulted in dinnerware that remained popular for generations.

Examine pieces to determine what marks or finishing tells you about their age.

In 1910, Lenox made several patterns with transfer decals that were hand-embellished in color by artists.

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