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Hi, my name is Adrian and well I finally did it, started my own online slots blog, so welcome!

I can’t get enough of TV shows that show a little bit of that casino life but I also wanted to create a place to provide aspiring gamblers with all the information they ever wanted and needed to become successful.

Gambling is not an exact science but there is also never a guarantee of a windfall.

This is why I’ve created this online space to provide you with tips and tricks to dramatically increase your chances of winning on Online Slot Machine Games | Prime Slots!

I pride myself in compiling every bit of relevant data on pokies, scratch cards and lottery games that should (but haven’t) be published.

At you will find an extensive library of articles detailing the well-documented success stories written by gamblers themselves.

These inspiring stories represent the backbone of this blog and will share with you the methods that could be best suited for you.

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