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There is also the danger of Pokémon leading children into areas which they would not normally go in search of rare characters.Children are encouraged to follow the trail of Pokémon wherever it may lead them regardless of the consequences.

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July 24-26, 2017, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois (USA), ISTTT22, The 22nd International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory.

The symposium covers all scientific aspects of transportation and traffic, spanning all modes of transport, including freight, air, and maritime modes, as well as private and public transport.

May 14-18, 2017, Salt Lake City (USA), ICOET 2017, The 2017 International Conference on Ecology and Transportation.

The newest craze to hit the digital world is the introduction of Pokémon Go to the ever popular Pokémon franchise.

This new interactive game which combines the aspects of two different worlds into one, has taken the online gaming market by storm, with more and more fans downloading the app every minute.

The impact of this new game, whether good or bad is hard to ignore with the ever-growing Pokémon fan base.One beneficial aspect to the game is the encouragement of physical activity.The game requires a great deal of moving around to catch different Pokémon creatures, enticing children and adults alike to walk, run, bike and skip from location to location.The game element makes exercise fun and exciting, and gets people out and about.However, there are negatives to this phenomenon, just like in online gambling whether at, Top Canadian Casinos or Top UK casinos.With Pokémon when out on the street searching for Pokémon, people’s eyes and ears are pulled into the game and not onto the road ahead of them. Not to mention the potential for motorists to take part in the fun while behind the wheel.

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