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Jim coached her but his abusive and offensive methods, even becoming physically violent. Mary's home is in Florida where she lives with baseball player Roberto Alomar. The Women's Tennis Council invoked a new edict, since dubbed the "Jim Pierce rule," that lets the organization bar disruptive members of a player's entourage. No longer the hollow-eyed, anxiety stricken teenager who would freeze during matches, her career sped ahead when she relaxed into her game with no fear of the consequences of losing or reprisals from her father. Mary won her first Grand Slam title at the 1995 Australian Open, climbing to a career high ranking of No.3 on 1/30/1995. She was sidelined for more than two months missing the 1996 U.

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Jim Pierce told the New York Times he was not surprised when he opened the door of his Delray Beach, Fla., condominium early last week to see Mary and her brother, David.

"I figure she would come at Christmas to soothe her conscience," Pierce said of his 18-year-old daughter.

"She said, 'Daddy, I love you and I always will.' Mary Pierce tied and retied her tennis shoes.

French-Canadian tennis star, the youngest ever to turn pro before 1990.

She won the Australian Open in January 1995 and was a huge success in the French Open in June 1996, winning over Steffi Graf and making over $4 million in her career.

The first of two children, Mary was born before her parents were married.Her father, Jim, wed her mother, Yannic Adjani, a French exchange student, the same year that Mary was born and they had a boy the following year.The family moved to Hollywood, Florida soon thereafter.When Mary was ten her father discovered she was a tennis protégé, beating the 20th ranked local 12-and-under player just two weeks after being introduced to the game.Two years later she was ranked No.2 in the country in the 12-and-under division. In 1990 the USTA stopped player development funding to her because of her father's continual boorishness.He moved the family to France, where Mary and Yannic had citizenship, in exchange for funding her play on the French team.

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