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Donnie Mc Clurkin has become one of Gospel music’s leading artist.

Beginning his recording career in 1996 (he had been singing in the church long before that), Mc Clurkin has amassed numerous praise and awards for his achievements in singing for the Lord, and he has no plans of slowing down now, continuing to issue out new music and even launching a Sunday morning radio show.

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Returning to his traditional roots, “Wait on the Lord” is a song that doesn’t get a lot of radio airplay, but should be in your playlist for the message that Mc Clurkin and Karen Clark Sheard presents. “Church Medley” There is nothing like old-school, southern gospel.

Donnie Mc Clurkin made this sound his bedrock, and one of the best examples of his work is “Church Medley,” and song that takes the sound back to the church. “Ooh Child” Tradition meets contemporary in this remake of The Five Stairsteps’ sterling 1970 hit.

In a lot of ways, it made sense for Franklin and Mc Clurkin to get together and remake this single, as it perfectly represents that sounds to perfection and the mix of traditional and contemporary makes “Ooh Child” one of music’s best remakes. “The Prayer” “The Prayer” is a Yolanda Adams cut, but the cameo made by Donnie Mc Clurkin really upped this emotional and spiritual track to a whole other plain.

If this single doesn’t inspire, then there may be nothing that can do the trick. “I Call You Faithful” The call to all the faithful was made on this beautiful song.

“I Call You Faithful” is an inspirational track that is wrapped in the holiness of the Word and the love of God.

It was like the Man himself wrote this single, and it was beautiful from start to finish. “Just A Little Talk With Jesus” This was another of Mc Clurkin’s mixes of contemporary and traditional gospel tracks.

The contemporary comes in at the beat and the traditional holds with the choir that backs him.

“Just a Little Talk With Jesus” is a song that still gets a lot of airplay on gospel radio, and it’s considered one of Mc Clurkin’s most recognized songs. “We Fall Down” “We Fall Down” holds a personal spot in a lot of people’s hearts.

It’s simple, but beautiful, message and melody is what makes “We Fall Down” Donnie Mc Clurkin’s best song, and it’s arguably his most-requested and played song on gospel radio.

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