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Complementary and alternative therapy was considered a success in 57.1%; most of the users mentioned benefits (78.6%) deemed as tranquility (46.4%) or improvement of the physical condition (46.4%).The average monthly cost was $ 345.5 dollars, with a range of $ 13.6 to ,545.5 dollars.The use of complementary and/or alternative therapy is frequent among young women with advanced cancer and high level of education.

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The effectiveness and safety of this type of treatments remain to be determined, as well as the possible interactions with conventional therapy.

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Cancer is the second cause of death in Mexico, most cases are detected at advanced stages and the use of chemotherapy is frequent.

At present, more than 300 types of complementary and/or alternative medicine (CAM) treatments are known that offer different therapeutic objectives. A questionnaire was applied from February 20 to March 5, 2004 to non-selected patients with cancer in private consultation to determine age, sex, education level, work, use of CAM, type and number of used therapies, potential benefits and monthly cost.

Two groups were formed, A for users and B for non-users of CAM.

Results between groups were compared and the mentioned variables were correlated with the use of alternative medicine.

0.05; a significant trend was found as regards the feminine sex, p=0.07, neoplasm different from breast cancer, p=0.08 and evident association with neoplasm advanced stages, p=0.02.

Most patients used between 1 and 3 types of therapies, 97.2%.

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