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PHOTOS: Dexter Duo Happily Divorced In Venice “Seth is a dog and Jennifer Carpenter is a homewrecker. Hall is making the talk-show rounds a little this week, out in support of his new movie, Kill Your Darlings, with Daniel Radcliffe.I thought it would be a great opportunity for talk show hosts to, you know, ask him what he thought about the reception of the terrible final season of Dexter, and get his thoughts on the negative response.

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But, while reporters haven’t been willing to hold Michael C.

Hall’s feet to the fire on Dexter, one Bangladeshi reporter was not so shy about asking Michael C.

Hall about his divorce from his Dexter co-star, Jennifer Carpenter, which results in a delightfully squirm-worthy exchange: I also stumbled across this You Tube video, which was posted 5 days ago.

Dexter star Jennnifer Carpenter has moved on from her failed marriage to co-star Michael C. Mansion According to an insider close to the band, the two were engaged in a long-time secret affair that ultimately destroyed his marriage.

Hall and has been quietly dating the married folk-rock singer Seth Avett, Radar has exclusively learned. “Shortly after Jennifer’s split with Michael, she began seeing Seth.

Seth, 32, of The Avett Brothers, has been married to his wife Susan since 2008 — and even though he’s still technically married, he’s been dating Jennifer, 33, since 2011. She would fly all over to his concerts to be with him,” the source told Radar. Hall Sells His Hollywood Hills Home “No one saw this affair coming from those closest to Seth, but he finally left his wife last winter to be with Jennifer.” In fact, the couple has kept their relationship so secretive that in an interview this year just two months ago, Seth’s wife Susan was talked about, with no mention of their separation.

It wasn’t until Tuesday that Seth formally made the announcement on his band’s website that he and his wife are separated: “Seth no longer sings January Wedding, a song about his wife, at their live shows anymore and hasn’t for quite some time,” the insider said.

“And the latest album released by The Avett Brothers is called The Carpenter. Not even his fans,” one former fan wrote on a group chat about the band.

It’s not a coincidence.” Jennifer has even tweeted in support of her boyfriend with messages like: “The affair was really hard on Susan, and even the band,” the source told Radar.

“It was former band member Jacob Edwards and his wife that really put Seth on the spot for cheating.

They didn’t agree with it whatsoever and were uncomfortable with the situation.” Fans of the band are just as upset with Seth for his indiscretions with the star.

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