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If you happened to be hanging out in the magazine aisle this spring, you know that the hot news in Hollywood gossip was Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s wedding plans. The latter item was based on the date the survey was completed minus the marriage date. Whether participants began the relationship with “hooking up” was based on the item, “Did the history of you two being together begin with hooking up?

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In this, they are a lot like other Hollywood couples who had kids before tying the knot: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Guy Ritchie and Madonna, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and, in the news lately, Ashton Kutcher and his pregnant fiancée Mila Kunis. Every serious relationship marks certain big milestones, from the first kiss to the DTR (“defining the relationship”) talk. Those who consistently answered “no” before marriage in the focal relationship were coded as 0.

The order of those milestones could be called the relationship sequence. Premarital education, marital quality, and marital stability: Findings from a large, random, household survey. Those with any positive response before marriage were coded as 1.

Today, the typical relationship sequence is radically different than it was for much of American history. Whether one’s partner had sexual relations with someone else was based on the item, “Has your partner had sexual relations with someone other than you since you began seriously dating?

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