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In my dating experiences I have learned that, just as each woman has her own tastes in music and foreplay, she also is host to a unique menstrual cycle that can be affected by genes, the weather, her diet, exercise regimen, birth control, allergies, a completely different set of genes, and much more.

Several years ago, I dated a woman that felt awful for the first two days of her period.

But like clockwork, come the third day she was randier than a sailor back from 88 days at sea.

Day three was her horny day, and wild horses couldn’t drag me from that crimson tide.

To remove the risk of cyber squatting, registration of second-level domains directly below is restricted to owners of registered trade marks, who may register a domain name similar to that of the trade mark in question.

However you can register third-level domains beneath some of the following: There are also second-level domains which are region-specific.

These are less popular than the above list (making domain names more available) but they are sometimes restricted to organisations exclusively from within the region.Part of being a good boyfriend is getting to know your girlfriend’s body.This requires very little effort in the beginning because getting to know a girl’s body is usually a boy’s first priority (or possibly his fourth) before either one of you is willing to add the ‘-friend’ suffix.Having been the boyfriend to a handful of varied ladies, I’ve learned all sorts of wonderful things about the female form.It is without a doubt the most beautiful thing on this planet and, to my eyes, the sincerest proof that God exists and is a decent sort of deity.It comes in shapes and colors and curves and combinations as uncountable as the stars, and every woman is a little bit different and a little bit stellar in her own way.

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