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Note: This is A Review – Click Here For the Official Stealth Attraction Site There’s a lot of talk in the dating industry right now about Richard La Ruina’s Stealth Attraction system, but is it really that good and is it any different to all the other dating guides and pua courses out there?I couldn’t really find the answers to that online, so I decided to buy the course and find out for myself.

You can bypass the sales video and go directly to their special order page by clicking on this link.

First off I have to say that this is not your typical dating 100 page dating ebook, it’s a comprehensive video course that consists of 3 lengthy module, where Richard describes and demonstrates his techniques in a lot of detail.

Module 1 is all about showing value and setting up the approach.

This module is probably the least interesting, but most important part of the course.

In the first part of this 57 minute video Richard teaches you everything he knows about body language and how to act around and interact with people so that you demonstrate confidence and create attraction in the women around you, before you even do your approach.

In the second part of the video he teaches different techniques for opening and doing the approach and get to a point where you are in a normal conversation.Modules 2 is 65 minutes in length and called “Stealth Seduction”.This module is packed full of techniques for creating attraction in women when interacting with them in all kinds of social settings.Richard demonstrates a lot of the techniques on his female assistants and that is one of the things that really sets this course apart from the typical ebook dating courses.Module 3 is 69 minutes of pure gold and definitely my favourite part of the Stealth Attraction course.This video is called “Stealth Arousal and Extraction” and inside Richard teaches a ton of techniques for creating arousal in women and making the extraction to get her back to your place.

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