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When Danny finds a website that says it can sommon up Demons he couldn't pass it up. The Queen locks the prince away, hoping to have her younger son Yami take over.

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Joey dents the wrong locker and pays an unorthodox price. Blindshipping, warning: language and lemons in later chapters."It can't be over yet, I still have matters to take care of. Meet Yugi, her life was normal until she solved the Millennium puzzle and awoke its secrets. Collection of Puzzleshipping fics written for the Fanfiction100 challenge @ Live Journal.

After accepting the challenge from his cousin Seto, will Atem be able to win Yugi's affection or will his feelings remain unrequited when complications arise from their different lifestyles?

Yugi finds a boy, half dead, when he walks home from school and as the kind-hearted guy he is, he takes him home trying to help him. He can't remember his past, he don't know how to talk like a normal person and he don't know anything about the 'modern world' they are living in today. When wealthy businessman Atem's beloved car breaks down, he falls for an attractive mechanic at the repair shop.

Adopted by: Echo the Slowpoke Danny Fenton has a secret life of protecting the city of Amity Park from ghosts with his mother, the number one ghost fighter, Maddie Fenton. Yugi is too innocent to even notice that he was making his friends fall in love with each other. Note: you've been warned.*laughs evilly,fake*Yugi Mutou is told about a spooky legend from his friends about a house in the middle of no where. Yuugi notions on what this correct path is begins to waver. Except when it prevented him from leaving his house. /Yuugi Mutou loves mysteries and puzzles, and he is about to solve the biggest one yet.

Danny Phantom is a ghost hybrid with an over protective father, Jack Phantom. Yuugi was never meant to catch the attention of a Sentinel-no matter what the rank- However, when Yuugi catches the gaze of one Alpha Sentinel, Atem Ishigami, he doesn't realize just how persistent and possessive Atem could be. Until, that is, he saw his new neighbour in the attic through his window. Suddenly, he's pulled into a land - and life - that he supposedly once knew. Yugi is a young girl who's been living off the streets after the death of her grandfather.

What will happen when Phantom develops an interest for the hard to get Fenton? Yami is the Prince of Domino, a proud kingdom that is in the middle of an enchanted forest. Pairings: Puzzleshipping, Puppyshipping, Tendershipping, Bronzeshipping, Tea bashing! In the afterlife, everyone we knew from the Yugioh franchise is now gathered together forever in paradise. Although initially light-hearted and comedic, it gets much darker as it progresses. Born and raised to become a Guardian, Atem has been given the sacred task of protecting the last of the "Connectors," a race once dedicated to the well-being of the planet. Ever since, they've been texting, calling and even role-playing online together. He's in a race against time as tragedy is about to strike the land of Egypt - again./ Puzzle/blindshipping. After Annabeth breaks up with Percy, he is betrayed by his beloved camp and is then banished by the gods. The last thing she expected was to be saved by her old friend and lead singer of her favorite band. Thinking it could get any worse, two teens have moved into a new town in japan named Domino and they think that they have lost it all. With the help of each other and the new relationships they formed with the ones around them, they help to push through these hard time and the secrets that hid deep within their friend. His older brothers blame him for the loss of their mother and his older twin. A year after the long war between the creatures of the night, Yami and Yugi are still strong. These two lives are about to be changed and thrown into a twist that is for the good, but also for the bad. Yami x Yugi A Yu Gi Oh version of Disney's Aladdin.

Yugi, Ryou, and Malik are on the run from other vampires when they are captured by Hunters. What happens when he spots a young man who lives in the forest? I DO NOT OWN YUGIOH AND DON"T LIKE DON"T READYugi is a lonly vampire/Werewolf, son of the King of vampire and Queen of werewolfs their love was forbidden and they we're killed for it Yugi was given to his Grandfather after a 7 year old Vamp recused the child better summary inside Please read R&RAfter the events at the bar, Atemu is sure he has attained, possibly, the most beautiful man on earth. Puzzle/Blindshipping, Starshipping Yugi has returned to ancient Egypt and his relationship with Atem is slowly starting to blossom. Public pressure, a new threat to Egypt and their own flaws are only a few of them. Contains fluff, smut but also some violence and swears. Three bracelets with the power to purify evil souls bring together the past and the present. Puzzleshipping, Thiefshipping, Puppyshipping, and Deathshipping. Zorc is somehow revived and intends to take over all the realms including Heaven. Little does Atem know, this sacred task will take him to lands undiscovered and push him to the brink and force him to acknowledge an emotion that he was taught to bury to the very depths of his soul. But why does he never see the boy outside, or anywhere in the house except for the attic? Yugi gets a new phone and an unknown number texts him one day and sparks up a conversation. In his anger, he renounces his lineage with Poseidon and abandons his sword for the next great hero. we make your dreams come true." Danny never believed that for a minute, but now that he's smack dab in the middle of the darkest part of humanity..still doesn't believe that statement is true, not one bit. Puzzleshipping-centric arc, from their relationship to starting a family, dealing with children, to the ups and downs of life, with the support of their friends and loved ones. Puzzleshipping, tendershipping, Bronzeshipping, polarshipping. They also dislike anything robotic, so when little Yugi is kidnapped and injected with Nanites, their father hides this fact from all of them. Will Atem and Yami ever accept Yugi as their little brother? A evil will return to make their lives go for the worst. Living in the streets of mysterious Domino are three friends, Yami, Bakura and Marik.

They are given a 'new' life and aid this group in the capture of malicious Supernaturals. He is smitten and looking forward to romancing sweet Yuugi. Join Yuugi as he struggles to move on from a past hurt. Can three people find love with the three spirits they have set free? Can they overcome the obstacles that want to separate them? Yugi is taken in by Atem and Heba who have a son named Yami. "You know I can hear you over there…" Yx YY, Puzzleshipping, Shounen ai/Yaoi Yamix Yugi Everything was once peaceful in Domino. Puzzleshipping, Tendershipping, Bronzeshipping, Puppyshipping. Yami, the mysterious stranger, proves to be Yugi's, well, other half. Yx YY, Bx R, Mx M, Sx JYugi knows Yami and Atemu have been cheating on him for quite some time now, broken and depressed Yugi tried to hide the fact that the ones he loves used him, but the truth is how much it hurts he can't let them go. But Percy is adopted by Nyx and soon becomes the champion of the primordials. Fluffy, sappy, and a bit of angst and a little drama now and then.666 years ago, everyone left the Hero of Olympus, betraying and banishing him, removing his identity and his powers. Yami is everything that I wished to be along time ago before he showed me that I was perfect the way I am. Life on the streets is hard and fun already, but when three 'new' faces appear, the boys find themselves in a whole new world of adventure, romance and making their dreams come true with the rub of a magic Atlantean lamp.

Is it a hoaxs or will it be all the more real for Yugi when he sees the impossible...? (Slight blindshipping)An ancient pharaoh searches to find his place in the current day and age, and a teenager named Yuugi works her way through the troubles of life. Yuugi Motou was duty-bound to make sure that his world stayed on the correct path but when Yuugi's former fiance and heir to the throne of Aldeon returns from the dead.

When he gets older the newest servant bears a striking resemblance to his imaginary friend. He was the Angel of Light-a bastion against the twisted darkness and one of the seven protectors of Alata's Crown.

But when things don't go as planned he finds himself in a situation that he may never get out of. A very lonely Atem turns to an imaginary friend for comfort.

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