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We are committed to continuing to provide our services for free. That is correct - there is no charge for our service – never has been. All we ask of you is that you tell your friends to call our chat lines so that there are enough new people calling in to keep the phone lines fun and exciting.

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Visit all the iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty or check out a show on Broadway.

Meet guys in Hell's Kitchen or the Village for a drink in one of the gay bars or go dance with them in one of the clubs for a night out.

Enjoy art and shopping or have a relaxing afternoon at Central Park. As Frank Sinatra belted: "If you can make it there.." gay NYC guide Visit our New York hotel page for information on where to stay. I went there once last Saturday night before the Pride Parade and figured there would be lots of cute guys from out of town in the city for the Parade the next day and cruising for hot sex...... it was around pm and about 90% of the rooms were vacant and doors closed.

You can also try our online New York hotel map to see and book hotels near the gay venues. 4 star hotel, 97 rooms, 1965 reviews, score 8.2The Out is a gay hotel on a very central location. There was nobody in there really but a few stuck up "Chelsea Queens" looking for Mr. They charged me roughly $40.00 for a temporary membership card and locker.

Guest can enjoy the spa centre that features a gym, sauna, massage room, and 2 spacious hot tubs all enclosed in a glass-covered atrium. The other poor souls walking around were fat, bald, ugly and really old men !

The staff is also rude, inattentive and seem to have attitudes that you are annoying them if you ask any questions.

I do not know about you, but if I go to a gay sex-club or bathhouse like this, it's for sex and to get laid...that is not happening in there !

If you have nothing better to do than to throw .00 dollars away and leave frustrated and annoyed...this may be the place for you. I experienced hostile bartenders at Splash who ignored me or charged me more for the same drink someone else paid less for. So the review by the customer who had a bad experience brought those memories back. I am, served, and the security guards typically are respectful.

But it can be hard to make a connection in that dark, vast place.

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