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Soh Nee, Kevin and Eriko, the freelancers who I hired to work on several apps, would log into Weblate, a free open-source web-based translation system, and translate strings of text for in-app content. I feel the pain of many app developers and marketers who want to branch out to the East (especially now that Chinese App Store revenue has doubled over the last year) but lack resources, money, knowledge or other. I’m a marketer and a Belarus-born European transplant in California.

To localize App Store pages, I would send them screenshot designs and copy via email and Google Docs. But I wanted to put together some kind of a beginner’s guide to localization in China for someone in design, marketing and product management who, like me, has little knowledge of Asia but a lot of ambition to grow their product overseas.

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In this article, we’ll look at the top Chinese apps, including local market leaders such as Dianping, the Yelp of China, and the few US apps that are successful in China, such as the NBA app and Uber, and discuss how content, graphics and tone can make or break an app’s success.

As tantalizing as it sounds for marketers to tap into the pool of well over 500 million smartphone users, China has historically been a hard market to crack.

With the ban of Google Play in China and the hundreds of local app stores that have sprung up as a result, there’s no streamlined process for submitting apps on the Android market; getting featured and ranked is subject to negotiation, and IP rights regulation is lax.

I recently sat down with Rock Zhang, a Chinese mobile entrepreneur.

Rock is my classmate from business school, and we have both worked in the mobile industry for a while.

In an age when the best marketing is good product management, Rock knows how to make millions of Chinese users fall in love with an app.

I asked him to share his thoughts on app localization.

For me, China has always been a hard market to crack.

I’ve marketed several mobile apps in European and US markets, and my apps have been featured many times in the App Stores in Russia, Israel, Spain, Germany and the US.

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