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New Yorkers are the standard of the cosmopolitan lifestyle throughout the United States.

The smart metropolitan girl that hangs out in the poshest places or signs up for a Sugar Daddy dating site will likely attract a man in the financial sector with considerable wealth and a Pent House in the Upper West Side, a Connecticut country house, a house in the Hamptons, or all of the above.

Every Holly Golightly has breakfast served on a platter to match her necklace.

This city is the very crucible of the American melting pot.

From Harlem to Bed-Stuy, New York stands apart from the rest of the United States in its cultural attributes and colorful people.

New Yorks diversity presents the opportunity for dating either within ethnic lines or crossing borders with interracial relationships.

The Citys diversity also gives couples an array of activities to explore together, including salsa or tango lessons, hip-hop battles, Italian festivals and Szechuan cuisine.The big city affords a romantic anonymity where couples can be alone amongst the busy masses.This privacy gives couples a rare chance to enjoy one anothers company without fear of intrusion by an acquaintance as in Small Town, USA and the sense of intimacy is thus heightened.Beyond the extensive dating pool and the close privacy of New Yorks hubbub, the Citys endless streets are home to inexhaustible entertainment.The shopping experience is unparalleled the world over.A couple will never run out of shops and boutiques to visit and fine items to buy.

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