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As a comedian, his imagination is untrammelled by any notions of conventionality.

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'Sorry.'"Defiant daftness is part of Fielding's appeal.

He is not looking to be understood, simply to vent his weird and wonderful comic imagination.

His humour may not be to everyone's taste, but it is very much his own, an inimitable, arresting, deranged comic take on the world.

Noel Fielding is standing, dressed in an apron, on the set of his E4 show.

A bijou Hawaiian coffee shop has been meticulously re-created inside a vast warehouse at Three Mills Studio and as we watch from behind the monitor, the show's star, in character as the proprietor of the Luxury Coffee Shop on the side of a volcano, breaks off from the action, turns to camera and attempts to explain the plot of the episode thus far: "OK, so let's get this straight.

Because I chose to set the coffee shop in Hawaii on the edge of a volcano, I now have to sacrifice one of my characters to the volcano. Some adored the first season of Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy.

Otherwise, the locals, who are the cast of Magnum PI, will sacrifice me. They were charmed by out-there characters such as Roy Circles, a chocolate biscuit who thinks he is a school teacher, and the New York cop who spends his time arguing with the talking wound on his arm, as well as by its animated interludes.

One critic wrote that, "Fielding grins down like a fiendish blend of Peter Gabriel, Syd Barrett, Samuel Beckett and a TV-age Antonin Artaud, unsettling and hypnotising in equal measure.

In these dreary times, it's as subversive as Bowie appearing on Tops of the Pops in a dress." Other viewers were left a little perplexed by the show's surrealism.

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