Nolo will maker updating to 2016

I then had an attorney review the three documents for an expert opinion.

When the will was presented to our office, it was one prepared by the customer through Legal Zoom’s online service.

The will had not been properly generated and the customer clearly was confused about how to use the Legal Zoom online system, how to create the will, and how the will was to be executed.

This customer (now the decedent in our probate case) had printed screen shots of the interview process.

Browsing on the internet, everywhere you look there are new websites cropping up that advertise how they can help you create your own estate planning documents, file for divorce and prepare other legal documents.

Some major players in the field are Legal Zoom, Rocket Lawyer and Nolo which advertise they can help create your legal documents for a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer.

There are some distinct differences in the types of services these online companies offer.

Having been in the legal document preparation service for over 30 years, and in business long before two of these major players existed, we were interested in determining exactly what these other services offered and how they compared to the services offered by A People’s Choice.

All three services offer online worksheets to create various types of legal documents.

Using each of their services, we created a basic will.

The first thing I discovered was how limited the service was in the ability to customize the Will to my specifications.

In the end, however, all three were able to produce a basic will, although I was not given the chance to provide for certain aspects of my estate planning in the Will in the exact way I wanted.

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