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Nationwide in the United States about sixteen percent, or one in six people from 14 to 49 years old have a genital (HSV-2) infection. 90% of the population has them and they are widely accepted.Luckily for the last ten years or so genital herpes cases have stabilized as people become aware about how widespread it is. Genital herpes, which is basically the same as a cold sore, is just the opposite.

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Before this, I was happily single but dating a woman for a couple of months when I became infected.

The woman who I believe I got it from said she tested negative for the disease, however I never saw any test results.

She also asked me to not wear a condom and said I had nothing to worry about.

Three days later after having unprotected sex with her I had my first outbreak. I was at work and had to leave early because the pain was so bad.

It is when I got home and was going to the bathroom that I noticed I had a huge blister on my penis.

I was in shock and disbelief and almost became immobile as my brain and thoughts raced away.

It was like a piece of my innocence was taken away from me, I felt that depressed.

I have since dated women from an STD dating site and a couple of those women admitted giving genital herpes to their boyfriends, then denied they had genital herpes after their boyfriends became infected.

They did both admit that they would never do it again and that is th reason they only STD date now.

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