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The reason Palestine is the oldest Baptist in Hinds County is the fact that White Oak is just past the county line and is actually in Copiah County.

White Oak, located 6 miles south of Utica (then Cane Ridge) was organized in 1826. where the Fairchilds eventually settled that I haven't heard of?

Check the Hinds and Claiborne County census records for the Ritcheys. Unless there was another White Oak church at Raymond?

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The others are buried at Mc Clellan Cemetery and at Cayuga Cemetery, all within the vicinity.

W., Walter K., Henry W., Wiley J., Hester H., Laurie Jonathan, Adele Mc Keithen, Thomas Edward III, Ida Patrick, W. Lots of them scattered throughout the Hinds County cemetery book, and a number of them buried in Claiborne County. There are 8 marked graves and about as many unmarked (outlined by spring bulbs) at the Ben Ritchey Cemetery.

(oldest Jackson family graves) Other Jackson names there are J. Mary Collins Landin, Utica, Hinds County The Ben Ritchey cemetery is back in the woods on a hill, out of sight of road and abandoned, off Ritchey Road. The Ritcheys were a large family in the mid- to late 1800s, and married into numerous other families in the area.

I will check around and see what I can come up with as to who were those first 17 members.

I have the minutes for Bethesda church, and its founding members, who transferred from Palestine (Riser, Collins, Hollingsworth, etc.) Isaac Riser, my ggg grandfather, donated the land for the chuch and cemetery at Bethesda, but he and his wife and his father John Adam Riser and other family members are buried in the Riser Family Cemetery on the old Riser home place.

There are Granberrys buried at Palestine, but they also have the oldest family cemetery in Hinds County, and it is still in use.I know that the Granberrys were first members, but don't know if they are listed in the 17.I know that Simeon and Mary Ann Stafford Travis were first members, as were their son and his wife Ezekial Stafford and Martha Jane Granberry Travis, but also don't know if they were listed in the 17, and all of the Travises and some of the Granberrys moved to Forrest/Perry County, then to Jasper County or Clarke County in the 1830s.About half of the Granberrys stayed in Hinds, but the next generation scattered. families were also here and also Baptist, living between Lebanon and Palestine. died in 1816, his wife Hannah Willis Collins died in 1833, Moses Jr.'s wife Elizabeth Zachary Collins died in 1827 (all in familiy cemeteries). marriedagain (Matilda Prestridge May) and moved to Jasper County then to Desoto parish LA where he died in 1855.There are Granberrys and Granberry connections who are still here, including me, Henry Riser and his family, and a lot of Hollingsworth connections who also intermarried with Riser and Granberry. My ggg grandfather Jonathan Catchings and family moved here in 1820s and were members at Palestine but don't know if they were part of the 27.His first wife (my ggg grandmother Lawrany Thompson Catchings) died in 1833, and he married Martha Fairchild Gallman (sister of John and William Fairchild), and they continued to go to Palestine church.

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