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Red Light Center is a "social network" that exists for one reason. You stay in the the same "virtual" space but all of the sudden everyone is speaking Italian or reading Martha Stewart Quarterly.An online fornicatorium where a wink of the mouse gets you a ticket to ride on the bonercoaster. I booted up the Utherverse client and made a brief stopover in the orientation lounge. Perhaps I could find a dimension where leprechaun sex was no longer taboo? I couldn't resist a quick peek in the XXX porno theatre.

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I wanted to pick an avatar that didn't look like a ken doll fresh out of the mold. Clicking on one of them I was treated to a little pop up porn video. In the real world I might be considered a stalker but here all avatars were created equal. Inside the bordello was a big empty room with hanging go-go cages and a raised dance floor.

Someone who wouldn't have a chance in the real world. Valerieann was dancing seductively alone in the middle of the room.

You could argue that the whole point of an place like Red Light Center is to create your fantasy persona but I wanted this to be a bit of a challenge. The ubiquitous dance floors in Redlight Center truly are a well designed feature.

In a world where everyone is buff and has a six pack you have to stand out somehow. This virtual orgyland must have someone who was into leprechaun sex. You just hop on and pick from a menu of dance moves ranging from the cool to the ridiculous.

You can't customize your face or pack a paunch so I put on the stupidest outfit I could find. I noticed the "mini" button and before you could say "The plane! Hell - there was probably a whole island of horny little munchkins at the end of the virtual rainbow. While downloading RLC I watched the introductory video which explained what I could expect online. You can swap and sequence your moves and even loop them if you're lazy. According to the docs the disrobe control was supposed to be on the bottom of the screen but I couldn't find it.

There are four types of characters to encounter in the virtual world: I approached a buxom leather goddess with delicious exposed cleavage and a colorful tattoo. I joined valerieann on the stage and proceeded to boogie down with some line dancing. I fumbled around trying to figure out how disrobe but my controls were jammed. I eventually discovered that I could click on my avatar icon to strip down but it was too late. She suddenly vanished into thin air or possibly a dimensional vortex. There were a few people milling around carefully ignoring me. She was very sweet but too real for this particular venture. Redlight Center has a cool feature where you can change "dimensions". Wandering into "Cam Girl Alley" I stumbed onto a cobblestone street lined with live webcam screens. I clicked on a screen and was instantly transported to a webpage where a beautiful girl was tapping away on a keyboard with hot latino music in the background.After impressing her with some classic 80's head spinning moves Valerieann started taking her clothes off! Valerieann had moved on to more experienced pastures while I was fumbling with my lederhosen.I pulled up my shorts and continued my quest for the "passion club".On the street again I noticed the RLC Art Gallery and decided to pop in for a quick look. There was a ton of user created artwork hanging on the walls. Clicking on a painting took me to the home page of a cute Japanese girl who had videos of herself shredding guitar solos.

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