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A part occurrence is a part that potentially holds property values for reuse of the schematic page.

For example, a 74LS04 part placed in the Capture sample schematic HALFADD is reused.

As a result, it requires two distinct annotations (one for the A side of the hierarchy, and another for the B side of the hierarchy).

Both of these annotations are occurrence properties for a single part instance placed on a schematic page.

For more information on instances and occurrences, see Captures online help.

The design cache 205 The design cache When you place the first instance of a part in a design, a copy of the part is created in the design cache.

The design cache stores one copy of every part used in the design.

Normally, all instances of the part refer to this copy in the design cache.

An original cache part also retains a link to the library part on which it is based, so you can update all of the parts in the design cache to synchronize them with the parts in the libraries.

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