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Evidently this blog is the number one return when people google, "date Scottish men".

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Except that some Scottish dudes are with soccer and have weird accents.

In pop culture, Scottish men are often portrayed as kilt-wearing, haggis-eating, rugged and tough penny-pinching drunks. Scottish men usually only wear kilts to weddings and formal functions and they eat haggis about once a year.

Whether or not they're "rugged" and "tough" is objective.

As well, I'm not sure what being "rugged" and "tough" entails (hairy beards and street fighting?

) but what I Glaswegian men:(a) like to drink(b) are temperamental (even more so than me)(c) obsessed with football (so much so that their team losing a match can ruin their day)(d) have hot accents (even after two years, I sometimes am at a loss as to what my boyfriend is saying)(e) create a facade of confidence (although some may well be genuinely confident, which kinda makes them a wanker)Obviously the above list does not apply to all Glaswegian men and certainly not Scottish men in general.

I think the West of Scotland is unique onto itself and the "macho" stereotype of it is still pervasive to this day unfortunately.

So, if the above list appeals to you, by all means I suggest dating a nice working class weegie - but just remember to never ever dare schedule something on an old firm day.

MICHELLE Mone, the former lingerie tycoon and Iain Duncan Smith’s start-up tsar, will discuss dating in the 21st century when you’re over 40 when she guest edits BBC Radio 4’s iconic Women’s Hour later this month.

The soon-to-be Lady Mone will also lead discussions about the psychology of weight loss and will look at the barriers to employment and business opportunities in deprived areas, the power of mentoring, how the mind, body and career are all linked, and what it means to be a good employee. She once shed six stones, claiming to have used her own diet pills.

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