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Exhibits important finds dating from the Neolithic and Minoan periods to the late Roman era.The most important is a collection of vases and weapons from the Minoan necropolis.

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The Heraklion Archaeological Museum houses valuable finds from all over Crete including pottery, stone carvings and statuettes.

Pride of place goes to the treasures of the Minoan era.

Popular highlights include the Phaestos disc, classical Hellenic and Roman sculptures, frescoes, jewellery, wall paintings and pottery.

The Historical Museum houses exhibits from the Byzantine, Venetian and Turkish periods along with historical documents of more recent Cretan history.

Other exhibits include local costumes, textiles, woodcarvings and embroidery – and a representation of a typical Cretan house.

The remains of a royal palace dating back to the sixth century CE, located at the fabled birthplace of King Arthur, have recently been uncovered by the Cornwall Archaeological Unit (CAU).

Cornwall’s Tintagel, a thirteenth century castle, has long been associated with the Arthurian legend.

It is purportedly the site of Arthur’s conception and birth, as the fabled story goes that Uther Pendragon infiltrated the castle to bed Lady Igraine, the Duke of Cornwall’s wife and Arthur’s mother.

The wizard Merlin is said to have used his magic to disguise Uther as the Duke.

Archaeological digs have been ongoing at Tintagel as part of an English Heritage research project in order to discover the site’s roots, specifically from the fifth to the seventh centuries.

The new discovery, a series of one-meter thick walls dating to the sixth century, are thought to have been part of a palace that was once part of Dumnonia, an ancient kingdom in the south-west of England.

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