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It has been, and always will be a free game which does not require any purchases.

' Buying' this game is a form of donating - showing your appreciation for this game.

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As for software that you could use you mostly have a choice between Novelty and Ren'Py, if you're thinking about making a Visual Novel/Dating Sim.

You can find at least three communities where you could ask for help: - The Lemmasoft Forums; - The Novelty Forums; - The Teacup Forums.

As far as I know the Novelty engine is a WYSIWYG program, so it's probably easier to grasp than Ren'Py, you could try visiting their forum and seeing if anyone has posted any example game there.

As for Ren'Py, you can download the latest build and read through the demo game (The question should have its script unobfuscated, so you can take a peek and learn from it).

Mugenjohncel recently also created DSE the game, which is essentially a game demonstrating how to use Ren'Py's dating sim engine's functions, as I understand it.

Of course, creating any kind of game is such a broad topic that it's going to be very hard to "teach you" in a forum post, but hanging around the places I listed above, lurking a bit and peeking inside other people's code (when they leave it unobfuscated for that purpose) should, over time, allow you to get a good understanding of what to do.The website is not blacklisted by trusted security services such as Google Safe Browsing, Threat Log and Malware Domain List.This means the website should be safe to visit and should not be used to distribute malware or trojans.The website has an unknown trustworthiness score in the WOT (Web of Trust) reputation.This means no one has rated this website yet through My WOT website, but take in mind that My WOT is not used by any Internet user and we should not consider this rating a too bad thing.The website has an unknown vendor reliability score in the WOT (Web of Trust) reputation.

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