Physical abuse in dating relationships 100 big people dating sites

No type of abuse should be discounted or thought to be less harmful.

Some examples of non-violent abuse would be withholding affection and intimacy, rolling their eyes when you state an opinion, constantly being late or forgetting and verbally demeaning you and your efforts.

Non-violent forms of abuse such as emotional abuse can cause the victim to question their own sanity.

If the abuser is using gaslighting techniques, the victim can get to the point emotionally where they, quite literally, don't know up from down.

Whether the abuse is covert or overt, it is an immature reaction to a sense of helplessness and feelings of loss of control.

An abuser will use either violent abuse or non-violent abuse to retain a feeling of control and keep their fears at bay.

There are many types of abuse a person can inflict upon their spouse. Domestic abuse can leave you with either physical scars or emotional scares.

Recognizing abuse for what it is and responding to it properly is imperative whether it is physical abuse, emotional abuse or verbal abuse.

Knowledge about why you are being abused and what the abuse is doing to you physically and emotionally is crucial if you ever wish to escape whatever is keeping you in such a destructive relationship.

Violent Forms of Abuse: Physical abuse, being hit, pushed, shoved or kicked is what most people think of when they hear someone speak of domestic abuse.

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