methods dating human fossils - Post abusive marriage dating advise

However, Lynn is still plagued by the pain and aftermath of a domestically violent relationship.

She is reacting to her current boyfriend as is he was a monster; only the monster was long gone.

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Feelings of safety and security elude her as she anticipates this relationship will hurt as much as the last one.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one out of every four woman will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

It is estimated that one out of every 10 men will experience the same.

Lynn anticipated the pain that would come at any moment.

She was on guard for the humiliation..lack of control..hateful ways.

She was on standby for the immense amount of agony a relationship can bring.

Lynn felt the fear in her chest just waiting for things to become scary and destructive.

The thing is that Lynn left her abuser over a year ago and he is nowhere around.

She had broken all contact with him and had moved on in her life.

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