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A gay high school teacher was fired from his job in October after a cyberthief broke into his Dropbox account, stole a sex tape, and posted it to the school’s site.

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Bray explained to school administrators that a cyberintruder had somehow gotten unauthorized access to his Gmail account, from which they had found and stolen his user names and passwords for multiple accounts.

That included the login details for his Dropbox account.

Bray recently put up a site that explains the incident, which he calls a cyber hate crime.

On the site, Bray says that the intruder accessed a folder on his Dropbox account that contained a video of “an intimate encounter between myself and another informed, consenting adult male.” While they were trespassing in Bray’s Dropbox account on 28 September, the marauder renamed a folder from “Private” to “Fag Teach Bray.” On that same Monday, the intruder texted the sex video URL to a student.

He or she apparently got the phone number from the Dropbox account, where Bray says he kept phone numbers of students he called regularly about school activities.

The next day, 29 September, the link to the sex tape was posted to the school’s faculty site, and more texts from somebody identifying himself as “Jonathan” pointed the student to the school site where it could be viewed.Bray told the Washington Blade that he believes that “Jonathan” is the person responsible for the breach.The student who received the text messages reportedly said that the sender had his own cell phone number blocked on his text messages.Bray posted screenshots showing that whoever accessed his Dropbox account appears to be located in Gainesville, Florida.Students took screenshots of the video and passed around the images via Snapchat and texting.The linked video was live for only a few hours before school administrators took it down.

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