Proof robert pattinson and kristen stewart are dating

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Rob and Kristen still keep in touch via Skype to make sure that they get to speak to each other and see their dogs.According to their ‘source’, Rob and Kristen even spoke on Skype for two hours before Rob left for Morocco to film Werner Herzog‘s “Kristen and Rob Skyped for two hours before he left for Morocco.Kristen knew Rob was really missing Bernie and Bear, so they all — meaning Rob, Kristen and all three dogs, even Bailey — had a Skype session.

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Say that Rob and Kristen did have a two-hour Skype session where Rob ‘talked’ to his dogs and tried to pet them through the computer screen.

How on earth would Hollywood Life’s source know this, short of being there themselves?

I mean, these are the kind of specific and personal details that you’d only know from being there firsthand, or at least seeing it for yourself.

Finally Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are REUNITED!

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Follow us on google plus Get some more dose from After moving out of their shared home in Los Feliz, Calif., Stewart, 22, and Pattinson, 26, met up in Los Angeles over the weekend of Sept.15 and have since began spending more and more time together, according to .The couple is scheduled to attend press junkets together starting Oct.28, with a joint red carpet appearance at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater for the world premiere of the movie on Nov. What do you think about Pattinson taking back Stewart after the cheating scandal? Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are broken up, but how’s that working when they have shared custody of their dogs?

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