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In the grand scheme of things, Casey William Hardison didn't have the worst time in prison.

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Originally sentenced to 20 years for running a psychedelic drug lab in Ovingdean - a village near Brighton full of cottages, sheep and pensioners - he's now campaigning for reform of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

But it's been a long process for the man dubbed a "drugs wizard" by the UK press to get to where he is today.

Born in Washington state in the summer of 1971, Casey began wrestling his "psycho-spiritual" demons at an early age - as in the kind of age where your mum's still deciding what shoes you wear to school.

"Alcohol and cannabis were basically the only drugs I could use at that time," he tells me over the phone from his home in Victor, Idaho.

"I first smoked cannabis I was about five, when my brother got me high by shotgun.

I fucking loved it in my early childhood." As Casey soon found out, problems can arise when you use weed and booze to battle whatever demons are marauding around your mind - the main issue being that both substances usually end up weaving their way into every other facet of your life.

That, of course, is not exactly an ideal situation for anyone to find themselves in, let alone a teenager in the throes of puberty.

So in 1985, at the age of 14, Casey declared himself an alcoholic and signed up to both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

After "delving headlong" into AA's 12-step programme, he made what he describes as his "full recovery" during Halloween of 1993 while drinking spiced wine (with the alcohol removed) as part of a ritual ceremony.

"As we journeyed through the ritual, I pondered the rigid way in which I'd insisted on having the alcohol removed from my 'sacrament'," he says.

"I'd recalled seeing a heart-rate monitor flat-line.

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