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A Lakitu also disguises itself as Bowser in World 5-4, but the player cannot reveal it unless they hit the Bowser Impostor with Fireballs. role in the Japanese-only release Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. In Super Mario World and its remake, unlike the past few games, normal Lakitus follow Mario and Luigi rather than moving back and forth.

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In the remake, however, if Luigi rides Yoshi and spits out a Lakitu from a Pipe, its shell is shown to be green.

Super Mario 64 (as well as its remake), Mario's debut in three-dimensional platforming, gives Lakitu a large role.

The first two Lakitus seen in this game are the friendly Lakitu Bros., who help Mario toward the beginning of the game, give him hints in Whomp's Fortress, and, being camera-carrying Fishin' Lakitus, film his entire adventure.

Lakitus are Koopas who ride clouds through the skies, mostly dropping Spiny Eggs on Mario or Luigi.

When they are defeated, their clouds can be ridden for a short amount of time.

In other games, however, they appear to be taking on friendly roles, such as refereeing races, umpiring tennis and baseball games, and even filming Mario's adventures.Many of the sports game manuals refer to Lakitu in the singular, indicating that there may only be a specific individual Lakitu involved (who is named for his species, as Toad or Yoshi), and Mario Kart 7 introduces a unique, playable Lakitu character.After being asked what video game character would represent him the best, Shigeru Miyamoto replied that Lakitu would, as it "seems to be very free, floating in the air, going anywhere", a type of personality Miyamoto can apparently relate to.Lakitus make their debut in Super Mario Bros., whose manual describes as "the mysterious turtle who controls the clouds".Lakitus first appear in World 4-1 in this game, where they simply move back and forth at the top of the screen, ducking into their clouds to drop Spiny Eggs (which hatch into adult Spinies upon collision with the ground).Only one Lakitu is present on screen at any given time, and they can be destroyed by either a stomp for 800 points or a Fireball for 200 points. Depending on the level, they may throw one of two types: a red egg that hatches into a Spiny on impact, or a green egg that does not hatch but continues rolling on the ground to harm Mario. In the Game Boy Advance remake of this game, an unnamed Lakitu also helps in e-Reader use and conversion. 3 allow Mario and Luigi to use Lakitu's Cloud to skip levels.

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