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We function as one group, with the same rules so there's no more guessing games or waiting. Be a part of the Artisan Alliance Wanna be part of the A-Team?

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The A-Team only has one mission: Get your art the noticed quicker and faster than anybody else can. Then note us, and link your group rules to our codex. Then we'll add you to the list of approved A-team groups, which should drive up traffic.

There's a difference between being a member of the Art Team and being a regular affiliate.

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This group was made to share your art with the world- to give every artist a chance. All members and deviations are automatically accepted, and we welcome artists of every skill level. To raise group awareness, we also hold contests from time to time!

This group was made so that we could help share your art with the world. if you have any problems, or if a folder clogs up just note us.

You can submit as much art whenever and wherever you want. We all are artists here, so enjoy our friendly staff and crew. Spread the word and be sure to donate to this account: so we can give out points to the winners RULES: Art must be submitted to the right folder. EVERYONE is automatically accepted, all art is too!Self-Advertisement allowed, but please limit it to once a week in the comments.Journal advertisements are allowed for just 10 points, payable to Donateto Keep the drama to a minimum. And don't forget to visit (and hopefully join)Our Art Team Group alliance members!Harassment and trolling/spamming WILL result in being kicked out of the group.(So will art thieves) Nsfw art should be labeled as mature. (The more groups you submit to, the more your art'll be seen!)And the A-Team knows this, which is why we make it super-easy.

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