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It's been years since Rihanna and Chris Brown were officially a couple, and the two had one of the messiest break-ups possible.

For those with a short memory, in 2009 Brown was found guilty of assaulting Rihanna and sentenced to five years probation and a restraining order against the singer. But when it comes to these two, the story just seems to keep going.

Here's what's happening between the tempestuous twosome.

Although he admits to having been furious at the time of the incident, Fenty has since changed his tune regarding the rap artist.

'“Chris will always have a place in our family and my heart,” he said in an interview with .

“He respects me, calls me pops and I like him – despite what happened. I’d support them being together.” Then again, Fenty also admits that he debated flying out to Los Angeles and exacting revenge on Brown after the violent assault was made public, so perhaps a warm reunion isn't the best idea.

It's been years since they were in a relationship, but Chris Brown still seems invested in Rihanna (and she in him).

And apparently, he wasn't particularly pleased when it came to light that his former love was doing a song with rapper Drake.

There's already bad blood between the two men: reportedly, Drake was part of the reason the reunion between Brown and Rihanna fell apart back in 2013.And reports have been swirling that the duo has been spending a lot of quality time together on-set and off, resulting in Brown tweeting some ambiguous yet hostile messages to his followers regarding the two (and their new hit single).But despite their steamy past (and obviously healthy working relationship), Rihanna insists that she's not seeing anyone seriously.Is she having a fun fling with Drake while they make beautiful music? Whichever it is, this is still a noticeable step up from 2014, when Drake and Brown ended up in a brutal brawl that reportedly started over a massive hit, and part of Rihanna's success is due to her raw and intense lyrics.One of the highlights of ANTI is easily "Love On The Brain," which may be the most direct comment on her past relationship with Chris Brown yet.

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