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EAST COAST LIFE Ellen grew upbiking in the woods andswimming in lakes. “[Jason’s] very,very good at all of that” STRAIGHTSHOOTERS They’re parents to Piper,10, Fletcher, 7, and Ripley,5.“We always made it ourmandate to be forthcoming andhonest with our kids, so we usetruth as a cool factor,” says Jason Twitter: samanthaembee and @jonesinforjason Instagram: @fullfrontalsamb Photo: © Getty Images “There’s no other way I would have been allowed in” MOST CANADIAN CHARACTERISTICS Despite living in the U. forsix years, she has “an adamant refusal to use or understand Fahrenheit ... (Jonathan) AGE She’s 29; he’s 27WEDDING PLANNER The Toronto Maple Leafsgoalie and the Hockey Wives star will tie theknot in August.

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Givenchy suit provided by Saks, shirt provided by Jaan Choxi Toronto.

I was driving herto the airport and I proposed in the parking lot at LAX.

While I was on one knee, our dog Mollyran away, so Martine started screaming hername and I was waiting for a ‘yes’”Twitter: @martineforget22Instagram: @jobernier45 and @martineforget Photo: © Joel Esposito HOMETOWNS (from left) Clifton Murray was born in Port Mc Neill, B.

C.; Remigio Pereira, Gatineau, Que., Victor Micallef, Toronto; and Fraser Walters, Vancouver SETTING THE TONE The talented quartet will showcase their stunningvoices with new music this year, but first they’re joining the impressive lineup performing for the Queen’s 90th birthdayfestivities later this month.

The Tenors previously sang at Windsor Castle to mark the sovereign’s Diamond Jubilee in2012.

“Singing for her Majesty the Queen at her birthday celebration is a huge honour,” says Victor.

“The royals reallydo know how to take parties to the next level!

” A LOSS FOR LINES “I ran into George Clooney on a golf course in Mexico,” says Clifton. I stumbled through my introduction [but] he charmedme into not feeling so bad” EXTRA PRACTICE Remigio admits, “I make up improvised Italian opera scenes in the shower” HAPPY PLACE “I’m definitely the most fulfilled after a good run, surf or bike ride” says Fraser ON BEAT WITH A BEATLE “Itwas surreal when we performed with Paul Mc Cartney in London,” Victor tells us.

“He’s legendary, and super nice” BAND TOGETHER Clifton says Canadians’ “connection to nature” makes us beautiful, while Remigio says it’s “their hearts” GLOBE-TROTTING The guys agree that when the group is touring the world, what they miss most is their families Twitter: @Tenors Music Instagram: @tenorsmusic Photo: © Lee Cherry.

“Happy to be home,” she told fans HIDDEN TALENT She used to be a gymnast LOCAL HEROINE Sarah Polley’s Away From Herwas an early gig. I can only imagine now,in retrospect, that she was very patient with me”Twitter: @ninadobrev Instagram: @ninadobrev Photo: © David Livingston/Getty Images HOMETOWN Montreal AGE 30 SEEING STARS A former Much Music VJ, Devon joined etalk in 2013.

“I’ve interviewed everybody from Hulk Hogan to Ben Affleck – it’s pretty overwhelming” TEAM PLAYER “Mywife is by far not just my biggest fan, but my absolute number-onesupporter.

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