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Daily Couple Mobile Dating is an app to hopefully find someone of interest via your smartphone.

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It works by using ‘coins’ for things like being able to send virtual gifts to someone, being exposed to someone’s list or send an email to them.

If the recipient racks up enough coins they can redeem coins for cash.

The core of the app is intended to automatically email you of best possible daily matches it has for you in the network based on our profile statements and preferences.

In my cases, however, I found the automated tool to be badly erroneous. I know this may be an insensitive statement but from a male’s perspective of the female talent within the app it features majority of below average looking women.

😐 This is typically how you determine whether the mobile dating network is work your time and effort investment.

It has a standard but limited search feature; thus you can only search age range and vicinity to your location, city, country or worldwide. After searching you will see many profiles cards including name, age and brief interests about the person.

Tapping on the card shows more of their profile which includes more of the things they like, their timeline of activity, reputation you can rate and comment on the person, a canned response of what they will do for a gift from you, wink, jump to their list, chat and email options (the latter three will cost coins to use).

Tapping the “M” icon in the top right (only accessible from the main search results) screen shows the main navigation which includes: As much potential as the app has it suffers from poor user experience.

For starters, it repeatedly pops up your profile page randomly.

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