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From top left: Vodotoranj (Water Tower Building), Mercator department store in city centre, Turopolje Museum, Monument to fallen soldiers in the Croatian War of Independence, Parish Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary The name of the city consists of two words.

The first one, "Velika", is an adjective, meaning big or great.

Second one is "Gorica", which is in standard Croatian diminutive of the word "gora", meaning hill.

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That is because this area was wine producing since ancient times.

Velika Gorica also has (or had) its names in other languages, notably Hungarian: Nagygoricza and German: Gross-Gorica.

The City of Velika Gorica, located 16 km (9.94 mi) south of Zagreb, is the centre of an area covering 552 square kilometres (213 square miles).

Up until 1990 Velika Gorica had the status of a municipality and after that it became a part of Zagreb. The area of the old Municipality of Velika Gorica was split into three municipalities – Kravarsko, Orle and Pokupsko.

Velika Gorica is the largest settlement and the administrative centre of the traditional Turopolje region. Plowing had a symbolic meaning, the fertilization of Mother Earth, so these cattle were often assumed to have "sacred" characteristics.

Regarding the Turopolje name, among the most common opinions is that the name, meaning "Tur field", comes from an old Slavic word "tur" which means Aurochs, an ancient type of cattle with long horns, which was a symbol of fertility and the sun god. Because of its importance in the life of the plowmen, "tur" became the basis for numerous toponyms.

However, as recently as the 16th century, Turopolje was called Campus Zagrebiensis, i.e. At that time the name was replaced by "Tur field", i.e. The A11 (Zagreb-Sisak) highway is planned to become the western bypass of Velika Gorica. It is planned that these bypasses will relieve the traffic along the overcrowded Velikogorička road, the fastest link between Zagreb and Velika Gorica as of 2007 Velika Gorica and surrounding plain area by the Sava river have always been fertile and lush so it is no wonder it has been constantly inhabited since Neolithic.

First major settlement was Andautonia, founded in 1st century where village of Šćitarjevo stands nowadays.

It was an important Roman port on Sava river and city on roads connecting Siscia with Emona and Poetovio.

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