Second chance dating

I promised myself that I would never try online dating.

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It was for people who didn’t mind talking online, people who didn’t get out a lot due to work or people who were too afraid to speak to the opposite sex. Then, my best friend tried it and she convinced me that it wasn’t so bad and that I shouldn’t be afraid of it. He wasn’t special enough and didn’t deserve that from me. I had a weird, strange feeling about him afterward. I deleted my account and enjoyed my single life with my best friend.

I fought with the idea for a while before giving in. She was in a relationship around the time I gave up on guys. I seriously did not want to, but I figured why not?

Then, her and her boyfriend broke up and she was back on the market. I quickly typed in my info while no one was around and felt like shit afterward. I spoke with one guy I began to like on the Website, but he wasn’t really educated and never typed sentences correctly. As a former English major, that mattered to me and it bothered me.

She was part of the reason I signed up for another site– He was in the Navy and was heading to Cuba for a few days. Finally, after the third day of talking, I gave him my number.

I gave him my number to text me, but I never heard from him. For some reason, I had a strong connection with this guy and I couldn’t explain it. We spoke about deep topics and exchanged stories we wouldn’t normally share.

In October a new guy messaged me about health and fitness, which is my true passion. It was weird to me to be so connected with someone else.

He began saying things like, “I feel as if I’m talking to the female version of myself” and “You’ve had me living in a dream.” I really loved our conversations.

We had long, elaborate conversations and they were heavy topics. The plan was to work-out and then grab some dinner. But, if I say I’m going to do something, I don’t bail.

I was sweating bullets that morning for some odd reason. I was going even if I had to literally push myself.

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