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He was first convicted of common assaults on two women he chased through Soho with a belt wrapped round his fist in 2003.

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Three years later, he was convicted of threatening behaviour after slapping a woman on the head and bottom and then spitting at her when police arrived to intervene.

Kings criminal record also included dishonesty, drink driving and other motoring offences.

Only one of his convictions, for receiving a stolen 30,000 ($54,209) BMW, resulted in a prison sentence _ 18 months reduced to nine on appeal.

Apart from a couple of community penalties, he was invariably fined and able to continue his football career.

He is thought to have earned around 40,000 per week since joining Wigan Athletic last year.

Today, he will go to prison knowing that his professional football career is over at the highest-level.

Dave Whelan, the Wigan chairman, announced his sacking immediately after the verdict and he is unlikely to be employed as a footballer again in Britain.

The footballer, who has not played a match this season, was found guilty at Southwark Crown Court for the assault that took place in the Soho Revue Bar last December.

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