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Blake Coward has more Instagram followers than you. He's a talented senior quarterback at Madison Academy who won his third consecutive state championship on Thursday, but that's not why he might be the most popular high school athlete in the country. If you aren't familiar, Robertson stars on "Duck Dynasty," A&E's wildly popular reality show, along with the rest of her larger-than-life family.

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Once Coward started dating Robertson, his life changed in a big way.

Dating her has made him a minor celebrity in his own right.

He has more than 110,000 followers on Instagram (any photograph he takes with Robertson is social media gold). "It kind of happened all of a sudden; it didn't happen gradually.

As soon as we started dating it just kind of hit me." Wherever Coward goes, Duck Dynasty fans follow.

Madison Academy has multiple players who will go on to play football in the Southeastern Conference, notably Auburn commit Kerryon Johnson.

But when the Mustangs play on the road, it is Coward who gets most of the attention.

After a win against Briarwood Christian School earlier this year, he was swarmed by 50 to 60 giggling teenage girls requesting "selfies." "Blake is 'Superstar,'" says teammate Malik Miller, who has scholarships offers from Alabama and Auburn, among others.

"Me and Kerryon (Johnson) joke with him every day that the media is coming here for you. "Playing with Blake is an experience I'll never forget.

After games, the other team's girls are trying to tackle him to get a picture." Beyond the attention that comes everywhere he goes, dating a jet-setting superstar like Robertson comes with its share of challenges.

The two rely heavily on video chatting when she's off working away from her native Louisiana.

He admits it was "tough" when Robertson was out in California filming "Dancing with the Stars," but was very impressed with her performance on the show.

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