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App Disks are available in all editions of Xen App/Xen Desktop 7.8 and newer. App Disks can be created on v Sphere (5.1 and newer) and Xen Server only. Delivery Groups used with App Disks can contain machines from Pooled Random Machine Catalogs containing Server OS or Desktop OS machines.

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App Disk must be on the same hosting resource as the linked clones it is attached to.

If you have multiple hosting resources, then you’ll need to import the App Disk to each hosting resource containing linked clones that you want to attach the App Disk to.

According to the App Disk FAQ, Citrix has tested up to 16 App Disks attached to a single virtual machine.

To minimize the number of App Disks, you should combine multiple applications into a single App Disk.

App Disks are stored on a datastore with a GUID in the folder name, thus it’s difficult to know what’s in the file.

Use Power Shell commands (Get-App Lib App Disk) to determine the App mapping.If you intend to backup and recover these files, periodically run the Power Shell commands and export to a file so you can know which disk is which.Or, when you import the App Disk, Studio will tell you which applications are installed in the App Disk and you can then rename the imported App Disk.Links: App Disks can only be attached to machines on the same hosting resource the App Disk is located on.You can easily copy/import the App Disk to multiple hosting resources (datastores).Also, if you added App DNA after creating App Disks, then you can only analyze them by re-importing them.

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