Sermons about dating

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: marriage is not an easy thing.

One time I was giving a talk about marriage and I was saying…

you know when you go to the hardware store or the toy store or something like that and you buy stuff?

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The only way to have a good marriage (and with all relationships, but especially in marriage) is that there is a lot of assembly that goes in and a lot of work that goes into it. Whether you’re married or single, whether you have been married for many many years or whether you have many many years until you get married. Some people hopefully have found “The One.” Sometimes people ask me what it’s like to be a priest, and good things and bad things.

And here’s the most important thing that all the single people should understand that the work to have a good marriage begins well before your wedding day. Today’s topic is something that touches each one of us in a special way because what we’re going to talk about today is how to find “The One.”. Forget about the bad things, I’ll tell you one of the best things about being the priest…I get to know when some people have found “the One” before anyone else gets to know!

The work and assembly that goes into a good, God-pleasing marriage and satisfying marriage starts much much earlier, even as early as dating and courtship. Sometimes we all do this (or at least the guys do it)…we buy the thing, we don’t want to read the instructions of the much assembly so you just kinda wing it, you just try to put it together in whatever way possible then you end up with 10 screws left and some parts and this and that and you say “ohhh” and you just push them off to the side. So what we’re going to try to talk about is how to assemble marriage the right way. We’re not going to talk about marriage, we’re going to talk about the stuff that goes into a marriage that makes it work the proper way. Raise your hand if you are single and actively looking. I get to know stuff and I may know a few stuff that is going on right now that not everyone else knows is public information! Abouna Anthony…” You can just tell from the look in her eye what it was that happened today. ” Girl (squealing): “You’ll never believe it…guess what? He’s perfect and he’s funny and he’s smart and he’s successful and he’s a deacon!

This is a start to a new series called “Real Dating.” A lot of people told me they were very very excited about this series that’s going to talk about dating.

People gave in some extra time doing their hair in the morning, they came in with their notepads waiting for abouna Anthony to give suggestions or maybe list some names or something like that.

Some people brought me their resume just in case we’re going to get to that by the end but…

Our goal in this series is to really see the idea of dating leading to marriage.

So the whole idea of courtship and dating from a Godly perspective and see what it is that God wants from us and what God expects of us.

I know that as soon as I say the word "dating", dating has different definitions to different people and everyone has different ideas of what it means to be dating or in a "dating relationship." Some people, self admitted, have NO idea what it means to be dating!

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