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Rather than accept this dire fate, the tribe chose mass suicide by way of drowning.

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Symptoms of the disease were different for men and women.

Apparently, infected men would emit an odor that would cause women to go crazy and become homicidal.

Some people believe that Mercritis did actually exist and was just covered up by both the government and medical community.

Even though urban legends are generally untrue, they are believed to contain some small smidgen of fact which definitely adds to their weird factor.

From Indian folklore to unnerving tales of witches, Mississippi has quite a few of its own urban legends that are worth a look.

According to local legend, the area of the Natchez Trace known as “Witch Dance” was a popular meeting spot for witches.

Upon gathering in this location, the witches would perform ceremonies that included dancing.

It is said that wherever the witches’ feet touched the ground during these dances, the grass would wither and die never to grow again.

These barren or “scorched” spots on the ground can still be seen to this day.

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