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He says Woods forced the woman into his truck at gunpoint then took off."Until the suspect finally pulled over, at that point he exited the vehicle immediately, and confronted the officers," Smith says.

That’s when Sheriff Smith says Woods became even more violent.

He says the woman broke out of the truck and got away.

After Woods was in custody, deputies say they found three firearms in his truck, all loaded."It just seems to be getting worse and worse each year, with more and more drug involvement," one Johnston County resident says.

Arthur Woods received lacerations to the face during the struggle.

JOHNSTON CO., OK -- A Tishomingo man is behind bars this evening accused of attempted kidnapping.

Deputies say he pulled a gun on a man and forced a woman to leave with him in a car.40 year old Arthur Woods is being held on six complaints including attempted kidnapping and assault and battery on a police officer.

Woods is locked up here in the Johnston County jail waiting for his initial appearance.

The Johnston County District court says that will happen next week. Authorities say it happened at home in Mansville earlier this morning.

A police pursuit followed east of Ravia where deputies say Woods fought with deputies."I’d just lock him up, I mean there is no reason why you should be doing that kind of stuff right there, that's just very disrespectful and its nasty," one Mannsville resident says.

A common opinion in Mannsville Thursday, after deputies say a woman was kidnapped at gunpoint."He confronted one of the male individuals with a hand gun and then took a female there at gunpoint and actually drug her away in a choke hold to his vehicle and left with her," Johnston County Sheriff Jon Smith says.

Johnston County Sheriff Jon Smith says Woods was taken into custody after he pointed a gun at a man’s head.

The sheriff says he did it to get a woman, who he had been recently dating, away from another man.

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